The Internship program of the Academy for Creating Enterprise supplements the education and training of its alumni by exposing them to real business operations in the industry closely related to the planned business of the interns. Through the help of various Internship Experience Providers – most of whom are successful alumni of the Academy- qualified interns experience more than two months learning and exposure to areas such as daily business operation, sales and marketing strategies, inventory management, supplies and other facets of running a business. The internship program is available to all graduates of the Academy and was established to increase likelihood of business start up success among its alumni.


How To Apply for the Internship Program:

1. Download the Internship Application form and fill up all required information.
2. Contact the Internship Director or any Academy staff (please see the Directory) to submit your application form.
3. After your form has been reviewed the Internship Director will get in touch with you to continue the process of application.


Download Internship Form