The Applied Entrepreneurship Program (AEP) of the Academy for Creating Enterprise brings its entrepreneurship module right to the heart of the different stakes in the Philippines to reach out and teach more young returned missionaries and other faithful Latter-day Saints and help them achieve self-reliance. The program runs as follows:

A. Five Days of Classroom Training
B. Two Weeks of Guided Fieldworks
C. Two Additional days of Classroom Training and Graduation
D. Ongoing Support and Learning in Chapter Organizations


The Academy holds 3 AEP classes a month in different areas in the Philippines -Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao- with focus on impoverished areas where jobs rarely exist. Through its partnership with the Self-Reliance Centers the Academy staff can visit an area and hold a fireside to discuss the benefits of holding an AEP class in a specific stake.

AEP Student Guide – Facilitator’s Guide – Video & Media – Train the Trainer

A. Five Days of Classroom Training.

          DAY 1                   DAY 2                   DAY 3                                           DAY 4                                   DAY 5
am    Perspective        Goal setting        Trading Game                            John Tanner                       Lesson review
          Mindset                Money                  Practical Market research    Integrity                              GEM model
          Stages of Dev.    Differentiation

pm   Stages of Dev Segmentation Financing Business finance Josephina Bermillo
         Opportunity Spotting Sales & Marketing Break Even Analysis Record keeping Marie case study
         Financial reports Fieldwork organization

B. Two Weeks of Guided Fieldwork:

          Week 1 Desired business observation and research
          Week 2 Break even analysis and personal preparation

C. Two Additional Days of Classroom Training.

Field work review Introductions to ongoing training
with mentors Intro to and organization of chapters

D. Ongoing Support and Learning in Chapters.
Training / Mentoring
Networking / Encouragemenbt
Case presentation / Problem solving




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